When you lose one or more teeth and you want to replace them but don't want to wear a denture a bridge may be the answer.

A bridge is a false tooth or maybe a few teeth which are attached to adjacent teeth to act as a permanent replacement. Once cemented into position you clean and brush it like a natural tooth and it doesn't need a plate to hold it in place.

Archaeological evidence shows that the first bridges were constructed thousands of years ago by the Egyptians who used fine gold wire to fasten human or animal teeth and white stones onto their other teeth to fill spaces.

Modern bridges you will be pleased to know have come on a fair way since then and it is now often possible to replace a missing tooth in such a way as to make it impossible to tell.

There are many variations of bridges, most conventional bridges are held in place by a crown or crowns on adjacent teeth but there is a type called a Maryland bridge which is simply bonded into place with a resin cement. The advantage of this is that it is simple, inexpensive and doesn't involve preparing other teeth but it is only really suitable for front teeth and it isn't as strong as the conventional type of bridge. If this idea appeals to you, ask us to investigate if you would be a suitable candidate.

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