White or Composite Fillings

What are composite fillings?

These are an alternative to conventional silver fillings. In the right situation they are hard wearing and look like a natural tooth.

Advantages of composite fillings

  • A moderate sized white filling can increase the strength of the remaining tooth making it less likely to fracture in the future.
  • They look better than conventional silver fillings, in fact in some cases they can be virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth.
  • In some cases the better thermal insulation provided by non-metal fillings can make a tooth less sensitive.
Disadvantages of composite fillings
  • White fillings may not be suitable if the cavity is too big.
  • Proper placement requires the site to be kept isolated of saliva. This can be difficult in very large cavities near the back of the mouth.
  • They are not suitable if the cavity is deep enough to go below gum level.
  • White fillings take longer to place.
Our practice policy is to use white fillings in cases where we would expect them to last at least as well as a silver amalgam filling, but not if we feel the result may be compromised by moisture control or other clinical factors. This sometimes means we have to make a final decision when the filling is placed.
An old silver filling replace by a white filling.

Price Guide

Your monthly Denplan payment will cover the cost of white fillings where suitable.

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