What is a dental crown?

A crown (often called a cap) is a tooth shaped covering that encases the tooth on which it is cemented. Crowns are used generally when the damage or decay is so extensive that filling materials cannot make the tooth strong enough. They can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth. They are a long lasting and durable way to resore a tooth.

How is a crown prepared?

A crown is provided over two visits. At the first appointment the tooth is filed down to make room for the crown. An impression of the tooth is then taken and a temporary crown is placed. The impression is then sent to the dental laboratory for construction of the permanent crown, which generally takes about two weeks. At the second appointment the temprary crown is removed and the newly constructed permanent crown is cemented onto the previously prepared tooth.
There are many different types of crown available with differing aesthetic and physical properties. We will always explain the choice of material we wish to use for your teeth and allow you to make the final decision.

Gold - Very strong even when in thin section.

Porcelain - Aesthetic but fragile. Only for front teeth.

Bonded porcelain - Quite good aesthetics and fairly strong. A good standard restoration.

High strength ceramic - Strong and beautiful but expensive.

Procera Crown - Porcelain laid onto a high strength ceramic coping. Very impressive aesthetics. Eliminates black lines at the gum base.

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