Gingivitis (Gum Disease)

Gum disease effects 99.9% of the population at sometime in their lives. If left untreated it may develop into Periodontal disease which may result in the loosening, and ultimately in the loss of, healthy teeth.

Plaque is a soft film of millions of bacteria which grow in the mouth. It is extremely sticky, and white in colour which makes it difficult to see against white teeth. Plaque collects and sticks around the gum line where the gum meets the tooth.
Plaque along the gum margin
Magnified plaque
If plaque is not brushed away at least once in 24 hours, it produces toxins which cause the gums to become inflamed, red, swollen and sometimes painful. Gums will bleed when brushed, this is known as gingivitis. The plaque will then begin to harden and form calculus (tartar) this cannot be removed with a tooth brush and you will need a scale and polish which your dentist/hygienist will do for you. At this stage gingivitis is reversible and with good teeth cleaning techniques and effective removal of plaque taught by your dentist/hygienist, the gums will become healthy (pink with no bleeding on brushing) within a few days.

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