There are many different mouthwashes and generally we do not recommend you to use a mouthwash since they are of debatable value and are an expensive way to freshen your breath. There are however some specific situations where therapeutic mouthwashes can benefit.

Fluoride Mouthwash

Colgate Fluorigard, Plax, and Mcleans Mouthguard are some examples. We recommend you talk to either the Dentist or Hygienist about these mouthwashes. Also try the alcohol free alternative. These are of benefit if you are at particular risk from decay (cavities). This may be due to an unsuitable diet, congenitally weak teeth, or more often factors such as poor ability to clean your teeth (arthritis, broken arm, stroke etc.) or gum recession which exposes the roots of your teeth which are more susceptible to decay. Usually you should change the cause (if possible) as well as using the mouthwash.

Breath Freshening

Listerine, Listermint, Freshbreath, etc. We recommend don't bother! The effect of these is very transient; they are of NO benefit in removing plaque and helping to clean your teeth. In effect they make you feel you are doing something and make your teeth feel clean although they are not. That slippery clean feeling is achieved by the use of detergent. It does not clean your teeth. If you want to freshen your breath and can't manage to clean your teeth with a brush try sugar free gum and mints or sugar free strips, however do not be under the impression that you are cleaning your teeth!

Therapeutic Chlorhexidine Gluconate

This is the only mouthwash which has any significant action against the bacteria in your mouth. Daily use is highly effective to prevent and control all types of gum disease, however, it also causes severe staining of your teeth. Therefore we recommend that you only use it when we advise you to and for short periods only


Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash which is effective against many bacteria which cause gum disease. It is only a 'help' as correct cleaning techniques are far more important for the control of gum disease.

Sensitive Teeth

Try sensodyne gentle or Duraphat toothpaste. These are all high fluoride products which reduce sensitivity when used on a regular basis. However we do not recommend you to use Sensodyne or similar products on a regular basis unless you discuss it with us first. Find out more about sensitivity here.

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