Brushing your teeth

Good tooth-brushing techniques

The average time that people brush their teeth for is 45 seconds, and to be honest with you this just isnt enough!

Electric toothbrushing

We recommend electric toothbrushes as the best method. They have a very efficient cleaning action and most models have a two minute timer that ensures the teeth are brushed for long enough.

The technique is very different from that for manual tooth brushing. Just put the brush in contact with the tooth-gum margin and follow the contour of the tooth round to the next one. Let the brush do the work for you. Brush each tooth individually, not as a 'row of teeth'
Manual toothbrushing

The technique we recommend is called the Bass mini scrub technique. This involves carefully placing the bristles on the gum margin, pointing 45 degrees up for upper teeth or down for lower teeth, and gently but firmly move the brush backwards and forwards, no more than a centimetre at a time, keeping the bristles in contact with the gum margin. After a few seconds of this carefully roll the bristles away from the gum edge then start again with your toothbrush centred on the next tooth. Gradually work your way around your mouth. Inside and out top and bottom.

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