Scale & Polish.

This is one of the most common types of dental treatment. The intention is to remove all of the build up of plaque (live bacteria) and calculus (the calcified remains of dead bacteria) from your teeth. Unless this is done your teeth and gums will remain infected and may develop gingivitis or periodontitis.

In most cases we will use a sonic or ultrasonic scaler to do this. These instruments can quickly and effectively remove all the debris from your teeth and will leave a smooth and clean surface which can restore the health of your gums. These instruments use effects called cavitation and micro-streaming to clean. These are techniques which are used in many other processes in a wide range of scale from cleaning barnacles off the hulls of ships to cleaning the inside of delicate laboratory instruments. it is a very effective but also a very delicate way of cleaning your teeth.

Traditional hand scaling may sometimes be used for particular individual situations but hand instruments do not flush away the debris as well and will not be able to remove calculus as efficiently as mechanical devices.

We will sometimes polish your teeth to remove superficial stain and soft plaque. We may decide not to polish your teeth if no stain is present and especially if you suffer from sensitivity or abrasion.

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