Acid Erosion

What you should know
  • The acid in your diet and what you drink may damage your teeth by softening the enamel surface and making it prone to wear. This is known as acid erosion.
  • In the very early stages of acid erosion, the teeth may change their brightness or appearance as the surface is worn away.
  • If your dentist has identified these and other signs of acid erosion in your mouth, you can start taking steps to help slow its progress.
Your dentist or dental hygienist will answer questions, give you advice about minimising the damaging effects of acid erosion and recommend suitable oral care products for you.

What you should do
  • Reduce your acid consumption i.e fruit, fizzy drinks, orange juice etc.
  • Allow acidic food and drink to pass through your mouth quickly to reduce the time they are in contact with your teeth.
  • Take soft drinks quickly, avoiding many small sips over a prolonged period.
  • If possible, take soft drinks through a straw aimed towards the back of your mouth and not directly at any tooth.
  • Do not hold the liquid in your mouth or swish it around, such as to take the gas out of carbonated drinks.
  • Do not suck or chew on fruit for prolonged periods of time. Brush your teeth gently but thoroughly with a low-abrasion fluoride toothpaste.
  • Wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth after eating or drinking acid-containing meals or drinks, as this is when enamel is at its softest and most likely to be damaged.
  • Follow the advice of your dental professional and make sure you have regular dental checks.

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